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Michael Flatley : Cured by Plexus Bioenergy

Michael Flatley & Plexus Bio-energy
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5th Jan 2009

Michael Flatley recently spoke out about his recovery from a mysterious virus that nearly ended his career, praising energy healer Michael O Doherty, CEO of Plexus Bio Energy, and the well established therapy he practices, which focuses on rebalancing the life-force energy within and around the body.

The best selling author of Bio Energy Healing Therapy (co written with Tom Griffin), now tells us his side of the story – how it felt to work with the Lord of the Dance, his character, their friendship… and the legacy his endorsement will bring for complementary healthcare.

“Last year when Michael Flatley’s office approached me, I was delighted to visit him at his fabulous Castle Hyde Estate in Co.Cork, Ireland, to see if I could be of any help.”

 “I was already aware of Michael’s condition as it had received a lot of press. We discussed the type treatment that I would do and how it could help Michael on his journey to recovery from an illness which had baffled medical science.”

“Fortunately Michael’s strength, fitness and positive attitude had brought him to a point where I could step in and help him to get to the next level of health. My role was simply to locate where the Energies of his body were blocked, and release those blockages, in order to stimulate an immune response allowing Michaels body to heal.”

 “I had rarely met somebody like Michael who was so determined to return to health, with a vision and drive to contribute to a better society.  As we became friends I realised I was in the presence of someone who was very inspiring, and charismatic.  He possesses qualities one would usually only find in mystics.  His love for life and a desire to give something back to the world was something Michael and I always talked about.”

“It seemed as though the Universe was guiding Michael in a direction that I felt one day would bring hope and light to many people throughout the world, just like Michael had done with his shows  Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, Feet of Flames and Celtic Tiger.

I now see this clearly with the overwhelming reaction from around the world to the News Paper articles regarding Michael’s response to my treatment.”

 “Michael’s positive energy connection with millions of people throughout the world is immense based on this reaction, and in a time of doom and gloom and all the negative press about the world’s economy, it is great to have somebody of  Michael Flatley’s status taking the courageous step that he has taken in highlighting the importance of positive energy and its effects on health and wellbeing.”

“The world needs his energy and light, his leadership and vision and to take a phrase I first heard from the great John f. Kennedy:- “The problems of our world cannot be solved by sceptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities, but by men of vision, hope and imagination.” - This is truly reflective of people like Michael Flatley.”

Unfolding our extrasensory or psychic potential is the gateway for humanity to mature out of its present ecological and spiritual crisis into a species which is capable of living at peace with itself and in harmony with the Earth and Universe.
Michael O Doherty


Just some of the success Stories from Plexus

Hughie:  suffered severe nerve damage to his back and left leg in a motorbike crash which left him paralysed in one leg and wheelchair-bound. The Plexus therapists began working on Hughie using specific energy techniques to establish where the energy had become blocked and initiate a process of correction and re-balancing. After several weeks of intensive therapy on the lower end of his spine and back, Hughie began to show some improvement, power returned to his left leg and he began to walk again.

Jennifer: suffered from the auto-immune disease lupus and began treatment in April 2005. She is now back to full health and has trained as a Plexus Therapist.

Paul: suffered from fibromyalgia, and was off work for three months. His treatment began in December 2001, Paul fully recovered as a result of the Plexus treatment and is back at work since with no re-occurrence

Ashling: a child suffered from Hyper I.G. Syndrome and had continuous chest infections. This child was in hospital one week of every month, each year. Since she began treatment in 2004, she now lives a normal life.

Aoife: as a child had taken numerous courses of antibiotics and was suffering from chronic fatigue and chest problems and was unable to walk. Since her treatment Aoife has returned to full health.

Kay: suffered from depression, anxiety, back problems and was unable to work. Since her treatment she has been able to return to work and live a normal life. 

Liam Doyle Brilliant Clare wing back Liam Doyle has just revealed the secret behind his successful battle to play in the current semi-final series against Offaly in 1998. He has been getting Plexus Bio-Energy treatment.  It was desperation time and Liam had nothing to lose.  Several sessions with Plexus and things began to work.  Doyle in his own mind was gaining confidence.  He had a couple of sessions daily and he felt much better and confident that things would work out. Liam Doyle made a miraculous recovery.


Michael Flatley Cured by Michael O'Doherty

Michael Flatley has attributed his remarkable recovery from a mystery virus that had plagued him for 3 years to energy healer Michael O'Doherty. Click to read more...

Michael Flatley and Michael O'Doherty pictured above.

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